Best-in-class Custom Packaging Solutions UK

Whatever your packaging requirements may be, Boxomatic can help you fulfil them. As the foremost supplier of environment-friendly customised packaging boxes UK, we have been offering our clients wholesale packaging solutions in Manchester since 2010.

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Eco-friendly Heavy Duty Long Boxes

For years, our expertise has enabled us to provide sustainable packaging of the highest quality. Our commitment to environmental protection guarantees that we are always striving to be more eco-friendly when it comes to small long postal boxes manufacture.

With an exceptional range of products built for secure packaging, like extra large double wall cardboard boxes, you can remain stress-free when it comes to your packaging requirements.

Your Preferred Partner Among Wholesale Packaging Suppliers UK

Clients trust Boxomatic for all their packaging needs because of the reputation we have gained over the years as the best wholesale packaging product supplier. We focus on the following things primarily:

  • Quality
    Leading the industry of corrugated cardboard box manufacturers UK does not happen without providing high-quality products to customers. That’s why we ensure that every single product that we offer scores high on quality.
  • Wholesale Prices
    While most custom packaging solution providers charge a premium price for their eco-friendly products like custom size cardboard boxes UK, we realise the importance of affordability and hence, offer our products at competitive wholesale rates.
  • On-time Delivery
    Ensuring the timely delivery of products to customers is a primary area of focus for any business. We understand this, and hence, make sure that your order for packaging products reaches you punctually.
  • Satisfied Customers
    The best metric to measure the success of a business that supplies packaging products like clear tape UK is how satisfied its customers are. If our customers are happy with the product, we are doing well in building long-standing relationships with our clients.

Our Range in Custom Product Packaging UK

When you are looking to buy cardboard boxes online UK, Boxomatic appears at the top of online searches. We have an extensive range of eco-friendly custom packaging solutions that are perfect for every business requirement, big or small.

Our product collection includes

  1. Single wall cardboard boxes
  2. Corrugated cardboard boxes
  3. Golf postal boxes
  4. Cardboard sheet
  5. Bubble wrap
  6. Mailing poly bags
  7. Packaging tape
  8. Polythene bags
  9. Side opening long cardboard boxes
  10. Bubble padded envelopes

We offer many more products as a renowned cardboard carton manufacturers UK at wholesale prices.

Contact Us If You Need Any Assistance

The order process on Boxomatic is very simple. If you need custom postal boxes or long telescopic boxes, you can order wholesale packaging products at affordable prices for your business needs.

If you are unhappy with the quality of the product you have received, you may submit a request for a replacement or refund. You may submit such a request within 14 days of receiving the order.

You can get in touch with our Manchester customer support team over the phone at +44 161 494 7800 or via email at

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