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Ensure Safer Deliveries of Gifts And Presents With Boxomatic This Christmas

Ensure Safety

With Christmas around the corner, the traffic upon e-commerce websites would increase tremendously; similar would be the fate of deliveries leaving the facilities of e-retailers. With such an immense and sudden increase in the business, e-commerce websites are to witness the importance of packaging products would also become imperative.

During the times of festivities, the importance of packaging supplies increases tremendously, as the after-effects of a delivery containing compromised presents or gifts can seriously hamper the goodwill of the e-commerce retailers. Such compromised deliveries can funnel into bad ratings, negative comments and a perceptible fall in the ranking of the business.

No business would ever want to suffer such consequences, and hence the importance of packaging increases tremendously during such times. Right packaging solutions can ensure deliveries that are not compromised in any way, shape or form. To achieve the benefits of rising sales during the Christmas season, packaging is an essential element that cannot be overlooked at any cost.

At Boxomatic, we strive to become the reason behind the smile that a consumer would experience while opening Christmas day presents and pledge to ensure that all deliveries reach their respective consumers in the best shape possible. 

To help along all our fellow e-retailers, we have devised a list of the all the possible packaging solutions that an e-retailer can endeavor to use during the Christmas season. All of these are readily available at our website with the promise of prompt delivery all over The United Kingdom. But, if that's not all to cater to your packaging needs, we also offer discounts on bulk orders, so visit our website today for all your packaging needs.

Double Walled / Single-walled Cardboard Boxes.

Double Wall Cardboard Box 9 x 6 x 6 in – Pack of 10

£7.19 - £9.59 Incl. VAT

Boxes are one of the most essential packaging solutions necessary for safer transits right to a consumer's doorstep. Some of the most prominently available boxes in the market vary in size and shape and can satiate all kinds of packaging needs an e-retailer might have. Further, the choice of the kind of the boxes a retailer wants for their shipments depends upon the nature as well as the quality of the products. For example, if the products you sell online are fragile, weak double-walled cardboard boxes would be the best choice.

If the products on offer can withstand minor bumps and impacts, our single-walled cardboard boxes would also be sufficient. All such boxes are delivered flat to the consumer to save up on space and can be converted into their useable form with the most minimal effort. In case you plan to ship products that are vertically long and are not exceedingly wide our long postal boxes can be the best choice possible.

Bubble Padded Envelopes

Bubble-padded envelopes are the best choice if the products you sell are small and require ardent protection against bumps, falls, and jerks during the transit. Such envelopes can profoundly solve two problems at once. First, these can offer a moisture-proof seal to the products under shipment while also providing protection against the erratic jerks and impacts a shipment faces during the transit. 

Since all our bubble-padded envelopes have been produced using the best quality materials and the most up-to-date innovative manufacturing processes, these add negligible weight to the shipments ensuring that the retailer has to incur the least amount of shipping charges. For retailers selling jewelry, artefacts, books, décor or porcelain figurines, these could be the best possible packaging solutions. If a retailer just wants advanced protection against bumps and impacts, bubble wraps can also help ensure safer transits. Our bubble wrap is sold on rolls, further bringing ease to the packaging process.

White Bubble Padded Envelope C/0 (170 x 210mm) – Pack of 200

£16.74 - £18.34 Incl. VAT

Mailing Bags

Grey Mailing Poly Bags 115 x 175mm – Pack of 200

£3.18 - £4.09 Incl. VAT

Mailing bags are an essential necessity for shipping products that require a robust moisture-proof seal. Our mailing bags have a pre-applied self-adhesive strip that, once peeled off, can ensure a moisture-proof seal helping the products reach the buyers' doorstep in the same shape and form as advertised on the website. Our mailing bags could be the possible solution to all your packaging needs this Christmas, whether you sell artefacts, tabletop figurines or any other item.

Our mailing bags are available in varying sizes and have a black-colored interior lining that ensures the privacy of the present is maintained throughout the shipping process. In addition, these tear-resistant bags would ensure a safe transit without any fear of punctures or tears that might damage the products in the transit.

Packaging Tapes

The importance of packaging tapes cannot be overlooked while packaging shipments and products. Our tapes have been produced using the best possible materials and hence provide a tear-resistant seal to shipments. Since shipments might have to travel across climate zones, we ensure that our tape and its adhesive qualities remain intact during transit.

If the products you plan to ship are fragile and require extreme care while being handled, our fragile tape can be the best solution for all your needs. Fragile tapes can function immaculately while ensuring that every shipping agent that is to handle the shipment is aware of the fragile nature of the product being shipped. At Boxomatic, we care for the packaging needs of our clients and strive to provide the best possible packaging solutions at the most competitive prices possible.

Clear Packaging Tape – Clear Tape (48mm x 66m) – Pack of 36

£35.99 - £47.99 Incl. VAT

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