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How To Keep Postal Costs Down For Small E-Commerce Businesses

How To Keep Postal Costs Down For Small E-Commerce Businesses

With a vast array of e-commerce websites clamoring over the internet, the competition for small e-commerce businesses has toughened up; smaller businesses now find it hard to maximize their revenue streams and bring an increase in the traffic upon their e-commerce websites.

One of the easiest ways of ensuring maximized returns is to effectively handle the everyday expenses of the business. A profound analysis of the expenses that can be minimized and saved up upon can help a corporation in gaining better returns in the long term. 

For e-commerce, website packaging is one of the biggest reoccurring charges.

An effective use of packaging techniques to reduce the expenses per package can help a business incur fewer expenses per package and ensure better returns. As a result, such techniques help a business develop a competitive edge over its competitors and ensure that the returns per package can be maximized.

An e-commerce website also has to go through the expenses of ensuring returns, and in such scenarios, the expenses already incurred upon the safer packaging of the products get wasted as well. Therefore, by ensuring that every package leaving the facilities of an e-commerce website has been packaged in the most adequate manner, a retailer can ensure that only viable expenses have been incurred upon the packaging of a product.

To help a business in ensuring that only the viable expenses are incurred upon the packaging of a product, here are a few of the techniques a business can use. In several cases, if the delivery includes custom duties or other charges, a business can also include the prices in the charges of the products. Doing so, in the long run, could be counterproductive as well since it would drive away the customers due to increased prices.

One of the best ways to ensure that a business can follow its pursuit of being profitable with such constraints could be to provide customers with a clear choice of what they want. And if they require faster deliveries, they can themselves witness the extra charges they would have to spend.

To further help businesses expand the prospects of their revenue, here are a few of the ways that can help.

Choose correctly Sized Single Walled or Double Walled Boxes.

Quite often, e-commerce websites sell products that require diverse packaging needs; in such instances, a retailer has to stock up on all the diverse necessary packaging requirements of the products they sell. This can be an arduous task and cause a business to incur considerable expenses, but in the larger scheme of things, it's important to do so, as the right kind of packaging is essential to minimize expenses. In some instances, businesses invest heavily upon bigger boxes so that most of the commodities they sell fit into the boxes. This can lead to increased expenses in the long run as bigger boxes have more significant dimensions and carry more weight, which is one of the most paramount factors in deciding the charges of shipping. On the other hand, right-sized boxes can ensure cheaper shipments and reduced damages during shipment by reducing the movement of commodities inside the box.

Reduction in weight of the packages

Weight is the primal factor that drives the shipping charges of a package upwards. A business has to ensure that every package that leaves its facilities is packed adequately to face the erratic challenges of the transit profoundly without any significant issues while costing as low as possible. Reduced weight shall not be equated with less secure packaging at any cost. A business must find an apt way to pack every package adequately while keeping the packaging expenses as low as possible. At boxomatic, we provide a wide array of different size boxes that can fit an e-commerce retailer's unique needs. Ensure you choose the right size boxes for all the packaging needs of your everyday business and keep the weight of the packages as low as possible. At boxomatic, we also provide Golf Postal Boxes, Long Postal Boxes corrugated Cardboard boxes so that a consumer can choose the best alternative for their needs.

Increased use of Bubble wrap and Bubble Padded Envelopes.

Bubble wraps and bubble-padded envelopes can provide impeccable safety to your products while they are in transit. Having negligible weight, our bubble wraps have been produced using the most up-to-date technologies and preserve their quality in the best way possible for prolonged use to ensure sustainability. Our bubble wraps are sold in rolls and can be rolled around the orifices of any product to ensure safer shipping. For smaller articles such as accessories, watches and books, our bubble-padded envelopes are the best choice as these have negligible weight and help a retailer incur the least amount of charges on a package. 

Both these alternatives provide the best packaging solution for retailers while keeping the weight of the shipments down. However, for articles that might have huge dimensions, bubble wraps are a better choice.

To help fellow retailers further, they can also invest in scales that can help them in keeping a watchful eye upon the weight of the packages. Rigorous attention upon the weights of the packages would help a retailer save up on additional charges and keep the expenses as low as possible. At boxomatic, we cater to all the unique needs of e-commerce retailers at the most competitive market prices with the promise of prompt deliveries across UK. Visit our website today for custom packaging solutions as well. 

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