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How to Package Edibles For E-Retail Shipping

How to Package Edibles For E-Retail Shipping

Shipment of different kind food products poses challenges quite unlike other products that might be prevalent in the market. The challenges a retailer faces while packaging eatables are profoundly unique. While shipping edibles, a retailer must ensure protection against bumps and impacts and ensure that no one along the way of the shipping adulterates the food.

Some of the conventionally available packaging products available prominently in the market can also ensure safer packaging of edibles. While packaging edibles, a retailer has to ensure that the packaging can re-produce the environment in which the edibles are supposed to be stored for longer periods, as detailed by the manufacturer. Only when a retailer can ensure such environments, a food item can reach the doorstep of the consumer safely without any major issues.

A wide variety of products fall under the term edibles; we only seek to talk about the packaging of products that already have a primary packaging by the manufacturer, such as chocolates, chips, drinks etc.

While we have already talked about some of the challenges of shipping food products, here is a detailed list of quite a lot of the challenges that retailers of food products would face while shipping food packages.

  • The biggest challenge is to recreate the environment in which a food product stays intact during shipping. For example- of the manufacturers that sell chocolate indicate the chocolate to be stored in a cool, dry place that does not face the sunlight directly. 
  • Recreating such conditions while shipping is one of the hardest tasks a retailer might have to face.
  • Most food items sold over the internet are fragile and brittle, and even a small impact can dislodge them or cause them to be compromised. Hence, most food products require rigorous protection against jerks and erratic impacts. 
  • A unique challenge of shipping food products remains to ensure that they cannot be adulterated while under shipment. Hence if the food items have any lid or opening, their state should be cross-checked before shipping, especially drinks.
  • In case food products have openings that are not sealed it’s imperative to seal them with layers of bubble wrap or packaging tapes to ensure they reach the end consumer in the state, as showcased on the website. 
  • Food products are highly perceptible to abrasion and impacts. Hence, their packaging should maintain an ardent barrier against the erratic shocks, bumps, and falls that a food product might face while being shipped. 
  • A retailer sometimes has to ensure the transit of shipments full of edibles in transporting vehicles that can maintain the cold temperature. This further incurs excessive charges.
  • This is a unique challenge that the shipment of edibles poses, as with a lack of such facilities, the taste of the products might change considerably, leading to a negative brand image and a hampered customer base.

The right size of Double walled or single-walled boxes.

Since most of the edibles that can be shipped are brittle and can break with even a little impact, protection from jerks and impacts is an important aspect. Double-walled and single-walled boxes can ensure safer transit to all such edibles. These are available in varying sizes on our website, and a retailer can choose the size which fits their needs perfectly. For food items that might be a bit long, for example, baguettes, we also sell long postal boxes and Golf postal boxes. These boxes would provide the rigid outer layer necessary for protecting the fragile food products against the bumps and scrapes of shipping.

In case the food product being shipped require extra protection, a layer of bubble wrap can also be wrapped around the products to ensure that they reach the doorstep of the consumer in the same shape and form as advertised.

Bubble Wrap.

Bubble wrap is one of the most used packaging products because of its versatile nature and ability to be used while packaging all kinds of products. Even if, as a retailer, you are packaging your food products in a box, a layer of bubble wrap around the food products being shipped cannot hurt much. This would ensure that the chances of the food products being compromised are further reduced. Bubble wraps can also be used to develop an impervious seal around the food containers to ensure that the edibles cannot be tampered with anywhere along the shipping route. 

Such a seal would help in the development of a persistent goodwill of the retailer in the minds of the consumers. When a consumer receives similar uncompromised deliveries from a single seller on a reoccurring basis, the chances of them converting into return customers increases profoundly.

Small Bubble Wrap 300mm x 100m – Pack of 1

£13.19 - £15.59 Incl. VAT

Bubble Padded Envelopes

White Bubble Padded Envelope C/0 (170 x 210mm) – Pack of 200

£16.74 - £18.34 Incl. VAT

Bubble-padded envelopes are one of the best ways to ensure safer packaging right to the doorstep of the customers. In addition, these envelopes are one of the best for shipping edibles as they come with a pre-applied adhesive strip that, once primed, forms a moisture-proof seal for the products in the package.

Since these have air bubbles enamored around the entirety of the surface, these add negligible weight in the overall heft of the packages. Providing a moisture-proof seal and keeping the edibles dry, these packaging products can ensure that the instructions provided by a manufacturer are followed right along the route of the shipment. Since most of the food products being sold over the internet are brittle and fragile bubble padded envelopes can also ensure that these food products receive the protection necessary for the shipment. Further, at boxomatic, we also provide a wide range of packaging tapes that can help a retailer reinforce their packaging in the best way. We also sell fragile tapes that can help a food retailer by ensuring that their products are handled with care throughout the process of shipping. At boxomatic, we analyze the unique problems of every one of our clients and provide packaging solutions that can best suit their unique needs at competitive market prices. Visit our Website today. 

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