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Packaging Products Necessary For Packaging Heavy Duty Hardware and Machinery Parts

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With the increase in the use of machinery and other mechanical parts throughout the globe, heavy-duty machinery manufacturers have undertaken the resolute support of e-commerce websites, with a wide array of mechanical needs now being freely sold over the internet with the support of free delivery and other customer services e-commerce merchants now have to face completely new challenges.

Shipment of heavy machinery parts brings with itself challenges that other items being sold over the internet seldom pose. Machined-out bespoke parts are generally heavier than other items sold over the internet; hence they require extra care while in transit.

To help new e-commerce retailers planning to retail machined out parts, here are a few of the most prominent challenges that an e-commerce retailer has to face while shipping machinery parts and heavy-duty articles.

  • Since most of the machinery parts sold over the internet have considerable heft, these require extensive packaging and reinforcing to keep the machine parts safe. Otherwise, the significant heft of the machinery parts can impact the side walls of the boxes and tear them apart.
  • Certain machinery parts are constructed using bespoke materials and are designed to adhere to the metrics of specific machines. Any impact or damage can lead to product returns in such instances. Returns of such bespoke parts can often jeopardize the retailer as these parts would not fit any other machine and cannot be resold.
  • Since there is no fixed way of how a machinery part might be handled, sudden jerks or impacts can lead to the machinery tearing apart the box, and hence it's essential to use double-walled cardboard boxes that offer superior protection.
  • Shipping of machinery parts is often expensive due to the immense weight of the parts; in such instances, the machinery parts should be packed, ensuring that the packaging does not increase the weight of the shipment further.
  • Transit of machined parts can take long periods, and certain machined parts require continuous lubrication or air-tight seals. In such cases, packaging further becomes a challenge.
  • Certain heavy-duty machinery part exporters also sell lubricants and lubrication needs. Since these are liquids or viscous liquids, they have to be sealed profoundly to ensure that their leakage or leaks do not cause further challenges.
  • Machinery parts can be enormous and, in some instances, might not even fit into prominently available packaging boxes and hence require to be bubble wrapped thoroughly to ensure a safer shipment. Parts size could become a challenge in seeking the right packaging boxes as well.

To help your next shipment of heavy-duty articles, here are some of the packaging products that can protect your next shipment of machinery parts.

Double Walled Cardboard Boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Box 9 x 6 x 6 in – Pack of 10

£7.19 - £9.59 Incl. VAT

Double-walled cardboard boxes provide profound protection against bumps and fall and are an imperative necessity if you are seeking to ship heavy machinery or heavy parts. These would help the parts in being protected against falls and crashes even if they happen. Plus, since these often have a smooth surface of contact, tapes can be used to provide the boxes with a reinforced bottom that would not tear apart when heavy machinery parts are packed into them.

Finally, since machinery parts are already pretty heavy, double-walled boxes provide the best protection possible while being lightweight and adding the least amount of weight to the shipment.

Bubble Wrap

Often machined parts or components of machinery do not adhere to fixed dimensions; their size and dimension can vary profoundly; in such instances, bubble wrap is one of the best ways of providing protection. In addition, bubble wrap can easily be wrapped around the orifices of the machinery parts and can help provide the best possible protection.

Bubble wraps can provide the superior protection necessary for safer goods and machinery parts shipments while adding negligible weight to the shipment. Since bubble wrap is sold in rolls these can further make the process of packaging easy and hassle-free.

Small Bubble Wrap 500mm x 100m – Pack of 1

£13.19 - £16.79 Incl. VAT
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Fragile Tapes

Fragile Packaging Tape 48mm x 66m – Pack of 6

£5.99 - £11.39 Incl. VAT
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Fragile tapes are a sure-shot way of ensuring that the shipment is handled the right way throughout its journey along the shipping procedure. These tapes help by informing the shipping agents on the surface about the nature of the shipment.

The small amount of investment in such tapes can ensure long-term returns that help in reducing product returns as well as refunds. Along with fragile tapes a consumer can also invest in other kinds of clear tapes on offer. These can also be wrapped around the orifices and contours of the machines to provide them a layer of protection. Most of the tapes available for packaging have been produced using materials that are impervious to weather fluctuations with the ability to provide unwavering protection throw-out the shipment.

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