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Packaging Products That Can Be Used to Pack a Wide Range of Products?

Packaging Products

E-commerce websites now undertake to sell a wide variety of products over the internet and hence require packaging solutions that can be used across a wide variety of products that are on offer on their website. Certain essential packaging products that can be used in packaging a wide variety of products available online can help a merchant save up on money and ensure that the shipments reach the consumer safely and sound without any hassles.

Since many merchants sell a whole gamut of products over the internet, they often spend a lot of money while providing for the packaging needs of all the different products listed on their websites. Such conditions increase the need for packaging products that can ensure safe packaging across various products.

Choosing packaging products for the packaging of a wide variety of products is not an easy task. Hence, here are some of the most prominent challenges that an e-merchant that sells a wide variety of products over the internet has to face.

  • Increased expenditure on the packaging needs of different products.
  • Since an e -merchant sells a wide variety of products, they might also face challenges in appropriating consumer returns for such a wide variety of products.
  • While money can be made upon returns, in the long run, the expenditure incurred upon packaging such stuff goes to complete waste as it cannot be used again.
  • This is one of the most prominent challenge an e-commerce retailer faces; with extensive packaging, a significant amount of money gets wasted.
  • Maintaining sustainability for a business with diverse packaging needs is difficult.
  • If a business using a wide variety of packaging products decides to shift completely to sustainable packaging solutions, the expenditure incurred on every shipment further increases leading to increased costs of conducting business.
  • Branding the packaging in such cases also becomes a challenge as a brand has to invest a large sum in branding all the diverse packaging solutions it has been using.
  • In cases of large e-commerce websites, the packaging needs could vary tremendously and for a brand to invest into its branding becomes an arduous task as well.
  • Different products an e-commerce website sells require different kinds of protection as well. Hence, a business must invest in a whole array of packaging products that offer the type of protection necessary for the products to reach the consumer's doorstep as safely as possible.

To help along e-commerce retailers, we have devised a list of packaging products that can be universally applied to a wide range of products, allowing them cut down their budgets for packaging in half. This would further help the retailer ensure that they incur lower amounts of expenditure upon the delivery of products, plus returns bring lesser financial damages than they usually do.

Bubble Wraps

Small Bubble Wrap 300mm x 100m – Pack of 1

£13.19 - £15.59 Incl. VAT

These are some of the most profoundly used packaging products used for protecting shipments along the pursuit of shipping. Bubble wraps ensure that the product reaches its destination in the same shape and form as advertised on the website. Further, it is easy to wrap around products no matter their actual shape or size, so these can be universally used across a wide variety of products that an e-commerce merchant might be selling.

Plus, being sold in rolls these further increase the ease with which the articles can be packaged, helping e-commerce websites making the packaging of products hassle-free and full of ease. Plus, being lightweight, these often add negligible heft to packages helping the charges a retailer has to incur while shipping products.

Clear Wrap

The clear wrap is another way of protecting your products from dirt, grime and punctures along their route to consumers. These further decrease the chances of trauma and puncture under heavy loads. Just like bubble wraps, these are also sold in rolls and can be wrapped around all the edges and the surfaces of a product easily. These are of great help as these can be easily used upon a wide variety of products without any issues.

Since clear wraps are further even thinner than bubble wraps, these add negligible weight to the shipments helping them be transported easily without any hassles or challenges.

Small Bubble Wrap 500mm x 100m – Pack of 3

£31.19 - £38.39 Incl. VAT
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Packaging Tape

Fragile Packaging Tape 48mm x 66m – Pack of 6

£5.99 - £11.39 Incl. VAT
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Packaging tapes are an essential part of all packaging needs and hence are necessary for all kinds of packaging jobs. Tapes and fragile tapes are essential if you want to ensure safer deliveries to consumers. Fragile tapes further ensure that packages have a robust outer shell that cannot be penetrated without any issues or challenges. Plus, fragile tapes further help ensure that the shipments are handled with care throughout the shipping process.

Right application of clear packaging tapes after a layer of bubble wrap can ensure that the shipment remains safe no matter what erratic jerks and falls it experiences during the transit. Boxomatic can provide the best possible packaging solutions at the most affordable prices for all such packaging needs to ensure that the retailers get the best hassle-free experience possible.

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