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Packaging Products That Have Universal Applicability

Packaging Products That Have Universal Applicability

Packaging is one of the biggest reoccurring expenses that an e-commerce business has to incur; quite often, businesses are on the lookout for packaging products that can ensure safer packaging of a wide array of products that they sell. Such products can help a business in keeping the everyday expenses of the business as low as possible while providing apt packaging to all the products being retailed.

Such products that can ensure safer packaging of the diverse types of products that a business sells are always in high demand since their existence ensures lesser everyday expenses for a business. Certain elements of packaging and ensuring safer deliveries remain the same no matter what kind of a article is being packaged or shipped. These elements can be articulated as

  • Ability to withstand erratic jerks and impacts a shipment faces in the transit.
  • Being aesthetically pleasing as well.
  • Easy to handle for a customer.
  • Provides protection against dirt, grime, moisture, and abrasion.
  • Helps protect electronic components from magnetic fields as well as electrostatic accumulation of energies.

Seldom does can a single product ensure all these abilities while being able to fit a wide array of products in the market. But we have curated a list of products that can ensure all the elements that have been mentioned above and bring forth the versatility of being used on products of different sizes and dimensions. But to help the e-retailers choose better, we have curated a list of all the products that can be used on a range of products while providing all the safety parameters enlisted above.

To help along e-commerce retailers in choosing the best possible alternatives for their daily packaging needs and keeping the expenses per package minimal, here is a list of products that a retailer can use to increase the returns per package.

Mailing Polybags

Grey Mailing Poly Bags 115 x 175mm – Pack of 200

£3.18 - £4.09 Incl. VAT

Mailing polybags are some of the best alternatives for a business selling products that have different dimensions. These can be bought in different sizes as they fit the needs of an e-retailer and are used as protection against moisture, impacts, tears, and abrasion. These themselves cannot provide much protection, but these are one of the best alternatives for a business seeking packaging needs for products that require profound protection from moisture. To ensure that products such as electronics or books whose integrity can be profoundly compromised due to moisture are packed in these first before being packed in any other packaging product that can enable them to withstand the tribulations of transit.

Our mailing poly bags have been manufactured using high-micron polyethylene, ensuring high resistance against abrasions and rashes. To keep the choice of a buyer's product confidential, all our mailing bags have been lined with a black interior to keep the privacy of consumers intact. These can be the best possible choice for any retailer seeking packaging products.

Bubble Padded Envelopes

If most of the articles you sell online have similar dimensions and are not extremely sizeable and huge bubble-padded envelopes can handle all your needs. Much cheaper than double-walled or single-walled boxes, these can handle all the necessary factors for safer shipping for a meager cost. Since these also have an adhesive strip, they can provide protection against moisture; their thick walls ensure safety against abrasion. Plus, being produced using the best possible innovation, these add negligible weight to the packaging of the shipments. If you are a retailer selling smaller accessories, books, magazines, and fashion accessories, you can considerably benefit from choosing bubble-padded envelopes. Our bubble-padded envelopes at Boxomatic are available in varying sizes to fit all the unique needs of the customers. These packaging products can provide a business with the versatility necessary to ensure reduced charges in with every packaging job.

Bubble-padded envelopes are some of the most versatile packaging materials that can help a business owner keep packaging mounting expenses down low. These also help in protection products against the dangers of static accumulation and abrasion. If the products you commonly sell are similar, then these can be the best choice for your business.

White Bubble Padded Envelope C/0 (170 x 210mm) – Pack of 200

£16.74 - £18.34 Incl. VAT

Packaging Tape

Clear Packaging Tape – Clear Tape (48mm x 66m) – Pack of 36

£35.99 - £47.99 Incl. VAT

The need of packaging tapes is ever-existent while packing products for shipping. These can further help a retailer ensure moisture-proofing abrasion resistance and reinforcing box or envelope openings. In case the items you sell online are fragile and require care while being handled, fragile tapes can be the best possible solution for all your problems. 

These can indicate any agent handling the loading or unloading of packages about the nature of the products inside and hence ensure safer shipping right to the doorstep of the customers. At boxomatic, we sell a wide range of packaging tapes, including Brown Tape, Clear Tape, and Fragile Tapes, a customer is free to choose the one that best suits their needs. All our tapes have been manufactured keeping in adherence to the changes plastic material suffers with climatic change and manufactures to stay the same as showcased no matter how the climate changes. At boxomatic, thrive to help our customers choose better and provide better; we constantly try our best to ensure that the quality of the products being shipped is intact upon reaching a customer. For custom packaging solutions or for seeking the best packaging solutions amongst a wide variety of products, visit our website today.

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