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Packaging Solutions for Home Décor Shipments

Packaging Solutions

Every e-commerce trader experiences unique challenges based upon the type of goods and services they plan to ship and move. Based upon the severity of these challenges, an e-retailer chooses packaging materials that suit their needs the best. The recent push of market retailers onto the internet has become the underlying current causing an upwards trajectory in the packaging industry.

In recent years packaging industry has witnessed a growth trajectory unlikely to be replicated by any other industry. Since the internet has now become the new haven for retailers, household items such as cushions, bed sheets, and other home décor items are also being sold over the internet.

The challenges faced by e-retailers planning to ship along such products are quite different from the challenges faced by any other dynamic of e-commerce retail. For example, home décor requires immaculate all-around protection to ensure that the products reach the consumer in the same shape, way or form as advertised over the website.

The role of packaging in ensuring the success of an e-commerce business cannot be overlooked; the right kind of packaging can profoundly reduce the challenges a e-commerce websites faces due to increased product returns due to damages that shipments face during transit. Furthermore, the right kind of packaging can provide an e-retail business with profound goodwill and profound returns in the long run. Such progress of branding and goodwill amongst the business's target audience can ensure formidable growth prospects for the future.

An e-commerce retailer of home décor and products such as cushions and bed sheets faces challenges that shipping of other products seldom poses. Here are some of the critical challenges an e-retailer of home décor faces.

  • The overall appearance of a product intended for home décor is of essential value; any hindrance or wrinkles affecting the appearance of the product can lead to returns.
  • Sustaining the appearance of the products throughout the shipping and transit is one of the most prominent challenges that a home décor retailing business faces.
  • If the preferred packaging solutions leads to wrinkles or changes in the overall appearance of the products, the retailer runs the risk of being exposed to increased returns hampering the financial returns of the business. 
  • A retailer can ensure that their packaging receives the best protection against the erratic jerks and impacts a shipment faces during transit, but in no way can they control what kind of products their shipment would be shipped with. 
  • In some instances, leakages from other products in a shipment can change the appearance of the home décor products; hence the packaging of cushions, drapes and bed sheets should have a profound seal against moisture and mildew. 
  • The erratic and unprecedented movements that shipments face during transit often cause abrasions; unlike other products, home décor articles are often highly susceptible to abrasions.
  • The packaging that a home decor retailer chooses has to be abrasion resistant to ensure that no object or any other obtrusion does not penetrate into the packaging. 
  • Certain products that come under the vertical of home décor are often puffy and might require bigger boxes and considerable packaging equipment for a safer shipment, increasing the business's expenses.
  • In such instances, a retailer can use vacuum packaging, which shrinks the size and heft of articles like cushions and bed sheets, helping in saving up on packaging. 

A home décor e- retailer faces a lot of challenges unique to their business proposition, and hence here are some of the packaging products available at Boxomatic that can ensure a safer transit right towards the doorstep of the consumer. 

Single wall/ Double walled cardboard boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Box 9 x 6 x 6 in – Pack of 10

£7.19 - £9.59 Incl. VAT

Cardboard boxes are one of the most prominent requirements of any e-retailer; in the case of shipping Home décor, their necessity further increases profoundly. A retailer can make the right decision while choosing the packaging boxes by performing a detailed analysis of their own needs. If a retailer needs added protection double walled cardboard boxes might be the best choice for them; if in case a retailer can make do with a single wall of protection single walled cardboard boxes can help ensure safer transits as well. 

In most cases, double-walled cardboard boxes are the best for shipping home décor as most of the items are frugal and fragile. In addition, double-walled cardboard boxes are the best for providing the home décor products with the abrasion resistance and the moisture seal necessary.

Long Postal Boxes

Home décor retailers often find themselves in a problem while shipping fragile items such as flower vases, coffee table mascots etc. In such cases; long postal boxes can help retailers ensure a safer transit.

In addition, these boxes are the best for products that are horizontally longer and do not have much girth. To offer further freedom to retailers, our packages have two kinds: end opening and side opening closures in such kind of boxes.

Long Postal Double Wall Box 45 x 4 x 4 in – Pack of 10

£13.79 - £19.19 Incl. VAT
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Bubble Wrap, Bubble Padded Envelopes

White Bubble Padded Envelope C/0 (170 x 210mm) – Pack of 200

£16.74 - £18.34 Incl. VAT
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Bubble wraps are the best way to ensure that your product has an air-tight seal around the product, plus they are also protected from the impacts and falls a shipment faces during transit.

Since bubble wraps are easy to wrap around the surfaces of the products, these can be used on a lot of products and hence help the shipment reach its destination safely. And if a retailer wants to ensure that their products have an air-tight seal around them as well, Bubble padded envelopes are the best bet. To all the retailers seeking custom packaging solutions for all their diverse products on offer, Boxomatic can provide the best possible solutions at the most competitive market prices. All our packaging solutions are aimed towards the growth of your brand. 

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