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Packaging Solutions For Shipping Heavy Articles and Electronics

Packaging Solutions For Shipping Heavy Articles and Electronics

The need for shipments across the world has increased astoundingly as e-commerce has increased its grasp amongst the people. As a result, E-commerce merchant’s packaging needs for shipping, as well as other services, have been growing day by day with the amount of shipments that are supposed to be shipped along.

While every kind of item represents its own set of challenges while being transported, challenges definitely increase while shipping electronics and heavier Objects. Both of these categories increase the expenditure a merchant has to incur while shipping.

Set of challenges Merchants face with deliveries of electronics and heavier Articles

  • Shipments of electronics require special care as packaging needs to be moisture-proof and substantial enough to resist any impact and puncture due to erratic movements. Electronic products are often fragile and hence require extra care while in transit. 
  • Shipments of heavier objects pose a set of entirely different challenges; one of the prime challenges remains finding boxes with enough integral strength for shipping these articles or equipment’s. If packages that do not have enough strength are used, they might start to rupture under the weight of the heavy stuff being shipped.
  • Electronics also require care against temperature as their lithium-ion batteries can expand and cause fires if exposed to heat for prolonged transit.
  • Another challenge with the shipment of heavier boxes is that if the stuff inside nudges along from side to side or moves, it might hamper the integrity of the box, causing the box to split open and leading to the dangers of accidents.
  • While shipping electric goods, the goods should be validly protected against magnetic fields and static accumulation; if in transit, a shipment is exposed to magnetic fields for a longer time, it might lose it might not be operational after shipment.
  • One of the biggest challenges while packing heavier stuff is that once packaged; it is hard to ascertain whether the package will be heavy. The brown packaging often misleads shipping professionals into thinking the package might be optimally weighted and an attempt to pick them up leads to damages. Packaging of heavier objects should be classified so on the surface so that the people handling them can prepare effectively while picking them up.

Choosing the right packaging solutions

One of the most primary steps while choosing to ship heavier items is to pick up the right packaging boxes for shipment. In most of the cases, the choice would be between single-walled, double-walled cardboard boxes or cardboard boxes with corrugated flutings. In such a context, seek to choose boxes with at least two layers of rigid fluting to help the shipment in being safe during the transit.

Double-walled cardboard boxes at Boxomatic provide the best possible absorption of impacts and keep the products inside safe and secure. To further increase the efficiency of the packages in protecting the shipment, you can invest in clear tapes, which could seal the openings and the endings of the boxes shut even under pressure from the equipment inside and help keep the equipment's safe. For products that need to be palletised, choosing a uniform size of boxes helps improve the structural integrity of the whole package as well.

Other products can increase the safety of all heavy equipment’s to be shipped.

  • Bubble Wrap 

Bubble wrap offers ardent protection against any kind of impact and trauma that a shipment might suffer during transit. Bubble wrap also protects the loads against the fear of penetration and direct impacts. Since bubble wraps are significantly flexible, they can be wrapped on the entirety of any equipment or product to be shipped along and keep them safe during transportation.

Our bubble wraps have been developed with special airlock technologies, which ensures that the wrap can be recycled into use after the prior first use. Plus, the bubble wraps also significantly decreases the movement of equipment and other products under shipment within their box.

We have designed our bubble wrappings in such a manner that these are perfect for filling spaces and weigh as little as possible, keeping the weight of the shipment low to help with shipping charges. Bubble wraps are one of the best ways to ensure your shipment stays secure and protected throughout the transit. Using bubble wraps to further secure heavier shipments is an almost essential necessity for safer shipments.

  • Fragile tapes

Nothing works better in ensuring a safer transit than to brazenly establish that the contents of the shipments have a fragile product; our fragile tapes can do so at a fraction of the cost you would have spent in custom-designing of boxes that do so. Our fragile tapes have been developed using Polypropylene and ensure a clean and 100 % moisture-proof seal upon the openings of the boxes. 

Fragile packaging tapes are one of the best ways to ensure easy handling of equipment across the whole delivery chain and reap the benefits of providing your customers with increased accuracy and profound services. For all your shipment-related worries, contact Boxomatic. At Boxomatic, we provide custom packaging solutions for all and help reach the greatest extent of customer satisfaction. For all your concerns regarding the shipment of heavy products or electronic items, contact Boxomatic for all packaging solutions. 

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