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Packaging Supplies Necessary For Office Relocation

Packaging Supplies Necessary For Office Relocation

Office relocation is an essential part of growing and expanding; a valid relocation provides the business with the best possible prospects in the future, such as more space to grow services into, a newer clientele than before and probable better conveniences for the employees. The benefits of relocating to a prime location are multi-faceted, but businesses sometimes shy away from the challenges it poses.

It's apparent that a relocation might seem like a challenge on the surface considering the enormity of the job of relocating a full-fledged office. But as we dive deep into analysing the needs as well as the individual challenges of packing the whole office into measly boxes, things start to appear more clearly than before. To relocate to a new office, one of the primary steps should be the analysis of the space acquired as of now and the space necessary for growth; once you can find a comparison in-between the two, you can move forth and try to engage in picking the stuff you plan to establish in the new office as well and the stuff you intend to discard.

Here are a few steps that can help you strategise your relocation efficiently.


Planning Packaging Supplies Necessary For Office Relocation

The utter importance of planning before initiating a relocation cannot be overstated; before planning to book your appointments with transporters as well as other necessary services, it is imperative that you schedule an extensive step-wise step guide to help you along. Ensure that all the stuff you mean to take along to your new office is listed and all the stuff you probably want to sell off here has been demarcated as well. Once you have finalised the things you want to take along, you can further take other steps in relocation.

Analyzing your packaging needs

Once you have finalised every aspect of your relocation, start working out the finer details, such as your packaging needs. These would depend upon the amount of fragile stuff in your office or the electronic equipment you plan to relocate. Here are a few necessary steps in working out your packaging needs.

  • Work out the stationery as well as the files and physical data that you want to relocate; based upon their enormity, seek Single-walled or double-walled cardboard boxes from Boxomatic.
  • Once your physical files and data have been taken care of, start working out ta list of the fragile stuff in your office that needs extra packaging care to reach its destination safely.
  • These would include electronic items, Desktops, Printers, CPUs and all the other electronic stuff which you might have in your office.
  • Based on the amount of fragile electronic stuff, book optimum-sized double-walled cardboard boxes from Boxomatic as they provide added protection against puncture and falls.
  • To provide extra safety, you can also buy bubble wrap and air bubble-lined envelopes to ensure you do not face any losses during the damage.
  • Tapes are an inherent part of any packaging job; remember to place an order for clear packaging tapes with the order of your other packaging needs as well.
  • Once all the needs have been worked out, place an order at once, as customers with bulk orders are also eligible for discounts at Boxomatic.


Labelling equipment is essential to help ensure a smooth transition into the new office; it's always hard to ascertain what's inside a box from its extensive brown coverage. Hence, pack your stuff room-wise so that re-furnishing can be easier while unpacking.

Packing area-wise in an office would mean packing stuff from the pantry, office desks and conferences in completely segregated boxes.

Pack Heavy Items in segregated boxes

All the heavy stuff from the office should be packed in their own segregated boxes to ensure minimal damage and make sure that every component reaches its destination as it is. To ensure safety while in transit, customers can avail the services of bubble wraps and double-walled cardboard boxes, all available at our website at competitive prices.

Pack fragile electronics individually

Electronics from a significant part of the equipment available in the office, to ensure the safe transit they, should be packed individually using Bubble wrap or bubble padded envelopes. These would ensure that all your calculators, landlines, and other electric equipment safely reach their destinations.

Boxing Tips

A necessary tip of the trade is to ensure that once boxes are converted into their useable form as they are transported flat, their bottoms are reinforced with tapes running along the edges to ensure their ends do not open up while in transit or while picking up. The same shall be done for all the boxes that one plans to use from relocation.

Choice between single-walled and double-walled boxes.

While all of the boxes at Boxomatic have been developed with the best rigid corrugated fluting and provide superior protection from all kinds of bumps and impacts during transit, but for added security, you can opt for double walled cardboard boxes. Our double-walled cardboard boxes also have a strong outer shell to ensure any impact or trauma does not cause any penetration.

Our other boxes in the range, such as single-walled Cardboard Boxes, provide optimum protection and a rigid layer of high-class fluting that is impervious to any impacts or punctures. Depending upon the kind of equipment you want to be relocated, you can choose in-between these two types of boxes. If you have an extensive array of electronic items to be relocated, Double walled is the way to go; if you have a lot of clerical files and other office supplies and paperwork, single-walled boxes would do just fine. At Boxomatic, we can tackle all your packaging needs and provide custom-made packaging solutions according to your individual needs to ensure that all your needs are taken care of at once.

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