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Do you require End Opening Long Boxes as your everyday shipments include artifacts, vases, bottles, golf clubs, and other vertically long objects, are you tired of overspending on bigger boxes in which you can fit them in and buying void fillers? Then our Long Postal Boxes or Heavy Duty Long Boxes can be the right choice for your business. For all kinds of goods that require additional vertical space, our long Narrow Boxes can suffice the need. These Heavy Duty Long Boxes can easily absorb the erratic jerks and shocks a shipment might face during transit. Such Boxes can be of great help if you are a sports merchandise merchant and provide excellent protection to bats, trophies, or any other vertically long item that you might sell.

Our Long telescopic boxes can help increase the safety of your shipment in transit as well as help in reducing the money you would have spent on Void fillers in case of buying bigger boxes to match the vertical length. Our End opening Long Boxes also provide the added benefits of ease in packaging and sealing the boxes as they have limited orifices that open.

A wide variety of packaging materials for all your diverse needs

  • We offer a diverse selection of packaging supplies, and even if they do not suffice in fulfilling your needs, we also offer custom postal boxes designed according to the customers' needs for fulfilling every merchant's unique needs.

Most Competitive Prices

  • As a small long postal boxes manufacturer, we understand the hassles a merchant has to go through while seeking services for their unique packaging needs; hence we aim to offer the best possible competitive prices for all our wide selection of packaging commodities, including Long Telescopic Boxes,

Environmentally Sustainable

  • All our packaging products, including these Long Narrow Boxes, are environmentally sustainable and biodegrade easily to leave no harmful traces that can affect natural resources. We use some of the most advanced materials for the manufacturing of our packaging materials which provide our products with a rigid outer shell that can absorb all sudden jerks and impacts while being biodegradable to the greatest extent.

Full Return Services

  • We understand the hassles of choosing the right packaging equipment and strive to provide the best customer services. If a client is unsatisfied by the products they receive, they can raise a return request, and their products can be returned as well.

For the packaging of all kinds of products that are vertically long and require less horizontal space, our long narrow Postal boxes could be the best option.