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Troubled by the increasing number of shipment returns due to the shipment's integrity being compromised during transit, Do Not Worry; our Double Wall Postal Boxes can solve all your worries regarding the shipment of products. Since we are a Double Wall Postal Box manufacturer in the UK, we can ensure that your needs are met at the most affordable prices with promised prompt delivery across the UK. Our Double wall postal Boxes have been manufactured using rigid corrugated fluting with a tough and smooth outer lining. Whether you are an e-commerce trader, antique seller, or merchant of precious stones and metals, our double-walled postal boxes can ensure safe transit without any hassles or damage.

To ensure that our boxes are highly useable for a range of businesses, we offer many different sizes and custom sizing options for most of our boxes.

Why choose our Double wall postal boxes

Strong protection

  • Our double-walled postal boxes provide rigorous safety against the sudden jerks and fall a shipment might have to go through while in transit. While at the same time, due to their sustainable and eco-friendly construction, these boxes leave no traces of harmful substances once they degrade.

Smooth outer lining

  • All our boxes and packaging solutions are shipped with smooth outer coverings, which means that they can easily be taped together or constructed into boxes with adhesion through glue or clear tape. Plus, the smooth outer layer also provides a smooth surface for the application of bubble wrap as well as prate coverings.

Our Double Wall Postal Boxes manufacture UK are the answer to all your hassles that an e-commerce merchant or retailer might have to go through while managing the shipments of their products across the nation. Contact Boxomatic UK today.