Bubble Wraps

Protect Your Fragile Items Using Bubble Wraps

Protect Your Fragile Items Using Bubble Wraps

For eCommerce sellers, people moving homes, and those needing to transport items, Boxomatic’s bubble wrap manufacture UK is the ideal protective packaging solution. Its cushioning properties make it perfect for keeping items safe during transit, and it's easy to use - just wrap and seal!

Bubble wrap is a plastic packaging material with small air-filled bubbles that provide excellent cushioning and protection for fragile items.

In this blog, as a large bubble wrap suppliers UK, we'll tell you the reasons why you should protect your fragile items using bubble wrap. But before that, let’s discuss the types of bubble wrap in the market.

Different Varieties of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a versatile packaging material with various types, sizes, and thicknesses to meet different packaging needs. Here are the most common types of bubble wrap:

  • Regular-purpose bubble warp
  • Kraft paper-backed bubble wrap
  • Self-adhesive bubble warp
  • Anti-static bubble warp
  • Biodegradable bubble warp
  • Metalized foil bubble warp

Choosing the right type of bubble wrap for your packaging needs ensures maximum protection for your fragile items during shipping or moving.

Reasons To Use Bubble Wrap for Packaging Items

Wrapping items in bubble wrap is a surefire way to keep them safe! Offering superior protection, it's the ideal choice for keeping your goods safe during transit. Some of the benefits include:

  • Highly protective nature: With its excellent shock absorption, bubble wrap is the perfect choice for safeguarding your items during transit and storage. No matter the size and weight of your items, you can customize the bubble wrap to fit your needs, making sure your products are safe and sound!
  • It’s widely available: Bubble wrap is the go-to solution for quick, reliable protection. We keep it always in stock so you can get it to you in a flash, no matter the urgency. With its superior protection capabilities, bubble wrap is the perfect choice for keeping your items safe and sound.
  • Lightweight design: The amazingly lightweight nature of bubble wrap makes it a great choice for adding protection to your products. Its air-filled pockets mean the bulk of each roll won’t add on extra pounds when you’re shipping and makes it effortless to move around the workplace. Experience superior protection without the weight!
  • Ease of use: Bubble wrap is the ultimate protective package - it's so simple to use, requires no special equipment and can be used to protect a huge range of products. With just a few snips and some tape, you can create a perfect cocoon for your goods. Versatility and ease of use make bubble wrap the perfect choice for shielding your items from any potential harm.
  • Cost-effective: At Boxomatic, we make sure to keep our prices competitive and provide amazing discounts on bulk purchases of bubble wrap! So, not only can you save on shipping costs, but you can also get an awesome deal on bubble wrap at the same time! All the products in our catalogue, including Golf postal boxes, cardboard carton manufacturers in UK, and more, are affordable and made of high-quality materials.

Bubble wrap is essential for protecting items during shipping, and Boxomatic provides a great selection of bubble wrap manufacture UK options with competitive prices and fast delivery.

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