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Reasons To Choose Custom Packaging from Boxomatic


If you have a business of manufacturing and supplying fragile articles, then you need reliable packaging solutions for their transportation. Packaging solutions ensure valid customer satisfaction and that the customer develops and harbours goodwill in the long run. Custom packaging solutions in the UK or worldwide are a must if the article you sell does not fit appropriately in any prominent boxing and packaging solutions available and requires extreme care while handling.

With plenty of packaging providers in the UK, it’s vital that a merchant might find it challenging to find the best possible service provider; we manage to differentiate from other packaging solution providers by being an in-house Corrugated Cardboard Box manufacturer in the UK as well as by making sure that all of our products are ecologically safer and sustainable.

Why Choose Custom Packaging Solutions?

This is a question any mainstream merchant might ask while choosing a packaging solution for their shipment. To help online merchants choose the right packaging solution for their needs, here are a few apparent merits of choosing custom packaging solutions.

Efficiency and Effective Use

Every e-commerce business requires effective packaging; if a merchant chooses the prominently available packaging equipment for their shipments of unique proportions, it's possible that

  • The merchant would have to pay a higher price considering the fact that they would have to buy bigger boxes even if their products are long and slender.
  • If a slender object is packed in a big horizontal box, it will move around during sudden jerks experienced in transit, and it's possible that if it's fragile, it might end up breaking. To ensure safety against such challenges, the client would have to buy void fillers, which would cost them extra.
  • While seeking a packaging solution, a customer might have to pragmatically examine all his available options, which might take time and cause challenges leading to delivery issues and delay hampering the competitive edge a merchant might have above their customer.

To ensure all such challenges do not surface while ensuring safer transits of products, custom packaging solutions are one of the best options.

All Kinds of Packaging Solutions in One Place

While buying packaging supplies, it's possible that you might find affordable prices for specific products on a particular website, while you might have to purchase other products from some other website due to faster delivery. Our services can thoroughly tackle all these challenges. We provide all packaging equipment and supplies on our single website and ensure you get all of these at the most affordable prices with prompt delivery. We ensure that the merchants do not have to scour different websites for the most affordable prices and prompt delivery services.

Environment Friendly

Tightening the bridle upon using unsustainable business methods, the UK government has introduced a plastic packaging tax. This law seeks to reduce the waste that is hampering the natural diaspora while at the same time promoting the use of at least 30% recycled material in plastic packaging across industries.

There has never existed a time when the need for sustainable packaging was this apparent and necessary. While greener innovations are set to change the industry, the first essential step of the whole process would be to cut down on packaging waste and ensure the sustainability of the packaging materials used further from this period.

Zero Waste Packaging Material

Every step of the packaging process can now be adjusted according to environmentally sustainable products. These products would help improve the recyclability of the waste created due to packaging and the safety of the products shipped. Once processed in an eco-friendly way, sustainable materials can disintegrate into the environment without leaving much of a trace. Innovation has also been brought to the market to help sustainability in the packaging business.

Sugarcane Packaging

A new and innovative approach to packaging where packaging is made from Begasse, a by-product of the sugar cane processing industry. Sugarcane packaging boxes have recently become all the rage due to the rise of sustainability in the packaging business. These boxes and packaging materials are made by pulping the canes once all the sugar juice has been removed. Further, a new approach that is to bring a necessary change in the market is sugarcane plastic. Sugar cane plastic is extremely strong and stable due to the excessive amount of cellulose content present in it.


Another advantage of the high cellulose content is excessive and significant heat resistance, as it can be heated to about 200 degrees Celsius. The sugarcane plastic is also grease and moisture-resistant and provides the added benefit of being 100 % biodegradable when the user is done with it.
Although the sugarcane plastic is still under testing, we at Boxomatic provide other custom packaging solutions that decrease the waste from shipping. With our custom packaging solution, we make sure that your shipments reach your customers safely and securely without any hassles. Hence, if you need custom packaging solutions in UK for your business, contact Boxomatic today.

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