Reasons Why Bubble Padded Envelopes Are the Best Packaging Choice

Reasons Why Bubble Padded Envelopes Are the Best Packaging Choice

Have you ever wanted to order something fragile, only to be hesitant due to potential damage during shipping? Bubble padded envelopes manufacture UK are here to save the day and provide peace of mind when shipping something important!

Boxomatic’s Bubble padded envelopes provide protection and security for your products, allowing customers to receive their orders in perfect condition, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

In this post, we’ll reveal why these bubble-padded packaging bags are a good choice for shipping fragile items.

Various Types of Bubble Padded Mailers

Envelopes come in a variety of styles and materials to suit a range of needs, which includes:

  • Bubble-padded mailers
  • White plastic bubble-padded envelopes
  • Glamour metallic bubble-padded envelopes

You can also check out our catalogue of various types of bubble-padded mailers and buy cardboard boxes online in UK for large shipments.

Key Characteristics of Bubble Padded Envelopes

If you're looking for a smarter packaging option, bubble-padded envelopes are an excellent choice. Listed are some of the benefits they offer:

  • Economical safety: The lightweight and economic bubble padding inside the envelope provides a strong layer of protection, preventing damage from shock, vibration, and mishandling. It also absorbs and cushions any impact, preventing the object from sloshing inside the envelope. As the added weight is minimal, there are no significant postal charges, making the padding a cost-effective way to ensure a high level of protection.
  • Weather repellent: Bubble padded envelopes offer superior protection for items during shipping. This is due to the air-cushioned bubbles that line the inside of the envelope. These bubbles provide extra cushioning and prevent items from shifting too much during transit. Furthermore, the plastic material of the envelope helps to protect items from dust, dirt, and other debris.
  • Free up spaces: Bubble-padded envelopes not only occupy much less space, but they also weigh less. This makes them favourable for shipping. You can easily send packages overseas without worrying about weight and size. In contrast, cardboard boxes are bulky and heavy and can be more expensive to ship.
  • Appropriate for several stuff: Envelopes of varying sizes, ranging from A3 to A7, are available to accommodate a variety of items. For instance, A5 size envelopes are ideal for DVDs with cases and mobiles, while A7 size envelopes are suitable for smaller items such as earrings and jewellery. A3 size envelopes are often used to send clothes and shoes.
  • Biodegradable: Global warming and environmental deterioration have increased, prompting many industries to prioritize environmentally friendly products. Bubble padded envelopes are a smart packaging alternative due to their low raw material requirements. Such envelopes are a great way to reduce environmental impact.

When it comes to sending small and delicate packages, our bubble-padded envelopes manufacture UK are a clear choice. They protect better than paper envelopes and cost less than boxes. Not only are they resilient and eco-friendly, but they’re also great value for money. So why not give these envelopes a chance to prove their worth?

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