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Why Choose Protective Packaging Products at Boxomatic


Merchants selling fragile articles and products often worry about the shipments of their products; a damaged product is worth nothing for a customer as well as the merchant. Hence it's important to make sure that the product reaches its customer in the same shape and form as advertised on the website.

Protective packaging is a prominent part of the packaging needs for merchants who deal in delicate artefacts, glass build memorabilia, jewelry or other fragile items. Protective packaging plays an essential part in ensuring returns on investment and leading to the progression of a trustworthy brand image and harmony in consumers.

An inherent understanding of protective packaging is important for packing something for storage or shipping. Our range of protective packaging solutions have been purpose-built according to the specific needs of the shipments in transit. We have designed our range of products in such a way that they provide enough cushion to the stuff inside so the impacts of the transit can be absorbed easily.

Shipments undergo unprecedented tribulations during shipments; hence it's important to prepare for these changes early on. Our protective packaging solution ensures that the products in transit reach the customers in the same shape or form as showcased on the website.

Wide Range Of Protective Packaging At Boxomatic

We provide a wide range of products that ensure that a shipment remains intact while in transit; here are some of the products that have general applicability for quite a lot of articles, irrespective of sizes and dimensions.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrapping is one of the oldest ways of protecting shipments from damage during transit, bubble wraps help shipments absorb knocks, and bumps shipments face during transit. Our bubble wraps have been designed with particular attention to the longevity of their use and hence can be reused several times after a primary use.

These bubble wrap lining can hold their thickness for longer. As a result, bubble wraps are one of the most versatile packaging solutions and have wide applicability irrespective of the dimensions and the size of the package being delivered.

Bubble Padded Envelope

Bubble-padded envelopes are one of the best packaging solutions for smaller items that are needed to be shipped. Being lined with air bubbles, these provide the best possible protection against erratic bumps and shocks a shipment has to go through during transit. In addition, to help in quick packaging, all our padded envelopes have been lined with an adhesive strip which helps in quickly packaging shipments.

This adhesive tape also forms a moisture-proof seal against the products in the package. For fragile articles such as CDs, DVD's Books, and other products, our bubble-padded envelopes are one of the best options.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Protection of client's products under shipment is our prime objective, and our double-walled cardboard boxes can easily ensure safer transits right up to the client's doorstep. Our double-walled cardboard boxes have been developed using rigid double-wall corrugated cardboard; these ensure safer shipments of products which are fragile such as glassware or precious artefacts.

To ensure that client's shipments remain intact while in transit, all our double-walled boxes have been developed to be puncture-proof. The two layers of rigid corrugated layers used in producing these boxes ensure that the boxes do not collapse under pressure or erratic impacts in transit.

We pay special attention to ensure that the outer surfaces of our boxes are flat and smooth and provide a uniform surface for adhesion with tapes and adhesives. Shipped flat to save up on space, our boxes can resist any favorable impacts once their tops and bottom have been validly taped. To reduce the chances of returns due to damages, visit our website today for double-walled boxes.

Fragile Packaging Tape

To ensure gentle handling of your shipments through the transit chain, use our fragile tapes to denote your fragile products. For delicate products, instead of using clear tape, use fragile tapes and let every personnel that is to handle the shipment beware of the consequences in case the package is mishandled. Polypropylene is one of the main ingredients that goes into making these tapes; using such a material ensures that the tape is resistant to ageing, weathering and losing its integrity under sunlight.

To ensure that our tapes do not lead to damage during transit, we make sure that all our tapes or moisture-proof and form a perfect seal against the cardboard surface. Fragile packing tapes are one of the best ways to ensure that packages are handled with care; these are one of the cheapest ways to reduce the chances of returns and complaints due to damages during transit.

No matter what your packaging needs are, Boxomatic can help you achieve all of them with leading packaging innovations and competitive prices. All Boxomatic packaging boxes have been developed with highly biodegradable raw materials, ensuring sustainability over every step of the business at every stage of our business. Visit our website today for special deals and offers on bulk orders.

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